Remote Future: Secure your Kid’s Success

These days, the cloud carries more data than rain. Of course, we do not refer to physical clouds. But the mention of cloud these days takes your mind to over-the-air storage. Such is the significance of cloud computing these days. Yet, the cloud is just one of many innovations in the past few years that is pushing the world to a predominantly remote phase. Apart from cloud computing, there is the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality. There is also the emergence of artificial intelligence and data science. One thing these novelties echo in harmony is remoteness.

The tech world is unfurling rapidly, and we might just get to the future earlier than we expect. In the times ahead, things will be different. If you are in your 20s or higher, you will definitely agree that things will change. If you look back into the past, you will remember how we went from using corded phones to using mobile phones. You will also remember how we went from using ‘ordinary’ mobile phones to using smartphones. This is what tech evolution does to the world, it changes everything.

When these changes happen, people get left behind. Those who get left behind rarely ever recover. A live example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic that has cost thousands of Americans their jobs and still counting. The dynamics are changing rapidly. Those who are confident with computing skills or coding are being hired. At the same time, those who need to be physically present at the office are being left behind. These people only get left behind because they are not moving at the pace of tech evolution. They refused to learn the skills for the future. The coming future is for your kids, and we are sure you want success for them. But success does not fall from trees just like planting your iPhones would not give you apple trees. We cannot guarantee that we have not tried planting our iPhones.

How Do You Secure Your Kid’s Success In The Future?

The ability to learn quickly is changing the environment. It might seem insignificant, but always adapting rapidly gives an advantage and power. Many skills for today’s clime would be irrelevant in a few years, and those who have only those sets of skills would be irrelevant too. But those who learn the skills for the future would rule.

The key to securing your kid’s success in the times to come is to help them learn the skills for those times. So, in case you never find that tree that sprouts success, you should opt for this option.

Top Tech Skills for the Future

As earlier mentioned, the future is remote. Its remoteness stems from tech evolution. So, many of the skills relevant for the years ahead are tech-based. Gaining these skills require training and learning. The following are some of the top tech skills that will be on-demand in the future:

● Programming

● Data Science and Analytics

● Cyber Security

● Artificial Intelligence

● Machine Learning

● UI/UX Design

● Cloud Computing

● Quantum Computing

● Robotics

For these skills, one thing is common to all of them, and that thing is coding. Coding is the part of programming that involves creating and writing codes. Coding is the first step in programming, and programming is the first step in executing these other skills. This is how vital programming is. We emphasize this importance by placing it at the top of the list.

How Can I Help My Child Learn These Skills?

Now that you have had a peer into the times ahead, you are wondering how to get these skills into your child. It would have been easier if we could all just drink ‘skills in a bottle’ and become skillful. But the laws of the universe do not support that feature yet.

The good news is that there is a place where your kids can learn some of these skills efficiently. Geeklama is an online school for children ages 7–17. The instructors combine fun and experience to create an appealing learning environment for your children. At Geeklama, your kids will learn programming, data structures, and much more. Then the instructors will guide them to use what they have learned to create functional applets, apps & games. So, do not wait, take your kids to the future today.

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