Introducing Algorithmic Thinking to Kids

How does someone know what to code? When you think of coding, what do you picture? Most likely, you think of someone in glasses glued to computer screens, punching out symbols at frantic speeds.

How do these people know what to write? How can a kid learn how to turn their ideas into lines of code? This is where algorithmic thinking comes in.

What is Algorithmic Thinking?

Sounds straightforward, right? However, the process can also be a lot more complex. You might want to decide what type of bread, what vegetables, how much dressing, etc., you want in your sandwich.

This simple process can be converted into a computer program. The art of taking similar processes and converting them into lines of code is called algorithmic thinking.

Algorithmic thinking provides a framework for converting ideas into computer-intelligible lines of code.

Steps to Algorithmic Thinking

1. Understand the parts

2. Recognize the patterns

3. Ignore irrelevant aspects

4. Design a step-by-step solution

Final Thoughts

Geeklama offers online coding courses for kids that teach algorithmic thinking. Take a look at our courses and curriculum, or get more information by contacting our team.

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