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How to Become a Superstar Coder

Every coder is familiar with having a complex code give the wrong results and the need to debug when it does not run. This could even take hours as you try to fix it up. That is how tough it can be. There are other days when everything works — even your errors create something new. If you spend more time on the debugging side of things, your efficiency might be affected.

Although coding can be effortless, and sometimes it can be difficult, your experiences can be predominantly pleasant. As you ascend the ‘hierarchy’ of coders, you learn specific tips. As you learn these tips, you become more efficient.

Efficiency is the hallmark of a superstar coder. One of the best ways to become more efficient at coding is to learn from the best. In essence, here are the recommendations from experts on how to become a superstar coder:

Keep Your Curiosity Alive

As a coder, you have to remain curious. One thing about technology is that there are always advancements. Frameworks get updated, code editors get switched up; everything you work with as a coder will eventually get updated to make your experience smoother. But you have to keep improving with these updates as well. You have to keep learning new features, libraries, and tools. These advancements might be complex at first, but mastery comes with practice.


As a coder, you may have started out your coding career doing things a certain way. Your code follows a certain pattern, and you may want to stick with this. This may not be a bad thing. But you should be open to criticism and be ready to see your shortcomings. No coding pattern is flawless. You can improve what you do if you are prepared to see what is wrong with it. The feedback you get from experts on your coding pattern is part of the molding block towards being a superstar coder.

Keep Building And Writing New Codes

This is very important. If you remain curious, you will learn new things. When you learn these things, you can only get better at them if you channel them into your work. So, you have to practice every new thing you learn in a new project. With each project, you become proficient.

Write Simple Codes And Improve Your Speed As You Do

Avoid trying to compress complex codes into a few lines. This might backfire if your code does not work. The point of coding is to produce clean codes that work efficiently. To achieve that, you may want to start with simple lines of code. The chances of such code working are higher. It might take more time, but you are more confident that your code will work. You can improve your speed at writing simple codes too. If you practice well enough, you will become faster at writing them. And after that, you can learn to make your code well-structured and efficient.

Create Solution to Problems

Dennis Ritchie said the outcome of programming is the most interesting part of programming, not programming itself. What you solve is what makes you fulfilled, not the programs you write. Your sights should be set on solving problems through coding and not just on coding alone.

Make Your Codes Adaptable

As stated earlier, there will always be updates to everything you use in coding. This same way, the code you write might need updates. If your codes are adaptable, making adjustments and adding new features would be very easy. Also, flexible codes can easily be understood by other coders. This way, coders who want to create something new from your code can easily do so.

Focus On One Language At A Time

At the start, all the programming languages might seem attractive to you. You would want to learn Python, JavaScript, and the rest all at once. This never turns out well. You may end up getting discouraged and not learning much. Start with one language, focus on it, and get very good at it. When you are sufficiently proficient in one language, then you can learn another.

Apart from these tips, you should also interact with other coders. You may join networks like,, Reddit, YouTube, and Stack Overflow. In these places, you will come across coders that you can interact with and learn from. At Geeklama, you also have the luxury of interacting with some of the best programmers in the coding world. Start your journey to superstardom with Geeklama today.



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