How does someone know what to code? When you think of coding, what do you picture? Most likely, you think of someone in glasses glued to computer screens, punching out symbols at frantic speeds.

How do these people know what to write? How can a kid learn how to turn their ideas into lines of code? This is where algorithmic thinking comes in.

What is Algorithmic Thinking?

Algorithmic thinking is a skill for a layered approach to solving problems. Imagine, for instance, you want to make a sandwich. Although it sounds simple, the process, however, involves several steps. …

It’s hard to imagine a single career that doesn’t require coders. Everything that “just works” has some code that makes it run seamlessly. Coding is everywhere. The Zuckerbergs, Musks, and Gates of this world started coding as kids. All the cool kids are coding… or should be.

Computer coding can help kids develop various problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Not sure where to start? Here are three coding apps to jump-start your kid’s coding journey. In no particular order, these coding apps are appropriate for young learners. We’ve used some of them with elementary-aged students.

Coding for kids: How to introduce your kids to coding

Coding has become a fundamental digital skill that is best learned at a young age. It is a perfect fit for kids because they are naturally curious, very imaginative, and eager to make things. It is no surprise how quickly it is for kids to enjoy coding. They can use it to make magic!

If you think of the many benefits of coding, the only question you should be asking is, “how do I get my kids started?”

How to Introduce Your Kids to Coding

Are you ready to get…

What is Coding? Overview and Mindsets

Call it programming, software development, or coding, you are referring to the same thing. The real question here is understanding the concept of coding. As mainstream as the skill or profession has become, most people still do not have a clear understanding of what coding is. For some others, they have an over-bloated opinion about coding and coders, no thanks to movies that have always created the impression that coding has to do with you wearing big glasses and hitting away on your keyboard while scrolling through an infinite loop of binary numbers. It’s…

How to Become a Superstar Coder

Every coder is familiar with having a complex code give the wrong results and the need to debug when it does not run. This could even take hours as you try to fix it up. That is how tough it can be. There are other days when everything works — even your errors create something new. If you spend more time on the debugging side of things, your efficiency might be affected.

Although coding can be effortless, and sometimes it can be difficult, your experiences can be predominantly pleasant. As you ascend the ‘hierarchy’…

These days, the cloud carries more data than rain. Of course, we do not refer to physical clouds. But the mention of cloud these days takes your mind to over-the-air storage. Such is the significance of cloud computing these days. Yet, the cloud is just one of many innovations in the past few years that is pushing the world to a predominantly remote phase. Apart from cloud computing, there is the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality. There is also the emergence of artificial intelligence and data science. One thing these novelties echo in harmony is remoteness.

The tech…

Did you know that Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook, had a coding tutor in middle school? Or that Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, spent the majority of his childhood writing computer programs?

Learning how to code is not as complex as it sounds; 7-year-olds are doing it. Your kid can learn how to code in three short months and you don’t have to be a coding expert to make that happen.

Wondering how? It is almost easy really.

Coding is like a language.

Coding helps us communicate with computers, smartphones, and other digital devices.

It is the process of creating instructions for computers…

Thriving in the new world requires understanding how digital products work. Most jobs already require a basic understanding of science, math, and software technology. So, what other way to give your kid a leg up in this new reality than provide him/her with opportunities to learn the basic building blocks of the future? We vote for coding :)

What does coding give your kid?


Programming isn’t just about mastering a few lines of code, in fact, it is more about thinking differently. When your kid figures out lego structures and puts together a puzzle, remember how great you felt? And…

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