3 reasons why kids should learn coding

Thriving in the new world requires understanding how digital products work. Most jobs already require a basic understanding of science, math, and software technology. So, what other way to give your kid a leg up in this new reality than provide him/her with opportunities to learn the basic building blocks of the future? We vote for coding :)

What does coding give your kid?


Problem-solving skills

Resilience and confidence

But kids will be kids. If it is not fun, they are not interested. So fun should be a fundamental aspect of any learning process. Most parents think coding is boring. In actual fact, using the right tools or approaches you will find out it is very possible to have a lot of fun while coding.

We recommend the following solutions focused on making learning easy and fun for kids:

Game-based: platforms like Geeklama, Tynker or code.org helps keep young learners motivated and engaged. Even a Python course could be fun and engaging. Geeklama’s Python course is in a quest format where kids design routes to escape from an island.

Live online courses: live online classes like those offered by Geeklama are effective in engaging your kid with real-life instructions and applications.

“Drag and Drop” programming languages: for younger kids, it is always good to start with simple programming languages like Scratch developed at MIT which can be learned independently or with a tutor at Geeklama.

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Live online coding school for K-12 with real engineers